If you don’t have the right target audiences mapped out in your digital marketing strategy then you should STOP right now! You are wasting your marketing budget!

Spend a few hours and create a mindmap of who your customers are, then go back and recreate the audiences using Facebook business manager, Instagram, or the LinkedIn advertising portals.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Create a core audience. This is the audience that you can use when boosting general content. For example: Area (the location where your customers live), age and gender. This is very broad but can help you to reach a wider demographic.
  • Create a very specific smaller targeted audience. This is the audience that you will use to boost very specific content to. For example: If you are selling a property you will choose an audience that looks something like this: Area (geolocate people in and around the area where the property is situated), choose an age group that could potentially afford the property and has interests like house hunting or choose parents with kids of a certain age. The more specific the better.
  • Website Visitor Audiences. Create an audience based on people who have been to your website over a certain time period. These are people who you need to re-engage with!
  • Lookalike Audiences. Create audiences that look like your existing audience, it is likely that people who like your page have friends with similar interests.

Don’t forget to create good content!

Create a content marketing strategy that excites audiences to engage and interact with your products or services. Be cautious of overselling as consumers. Inspire, educate and entertain is key to building an interesting mutually beneficial relationship.

Planning and managing your digital marketing can be time-consuming and a lengthy process.  If you want your accounts managed by professionals we can help. At LV Digital it is our business strategy to grow your business as we know that as your business grows, so will ours! We have a team of qualified experts to get your digital marketing and social media running successfully.

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Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels